The 3 C's that will Enhance Your Business and Life

Today I wanted to share with you a tool that I feel is very important when working any business and something to keep in mind each day that you apply yourself to your work. The 3 C's that will Enhance Your Business and Life

These are criticaland you shoulddo them daily, both in life and in business Read along, and ask yourself at the end: Do you practice these daily?


"Building Community" is so important within your own team, your group @ your JOB and in your family! Building UNITY, sisterhood, a winning team drive, being there for eachother, having M.E.I. Letting others know you are there for them, if they need a pick me up or just a little M.E.I. from you. Taking the "I" out of your daily focus, and putting "We" instead reaching out and communicating with 5 people a day- Building others, creates community within your team/ group unit and MOST IMPORTANTLY your family


This is such an Important part of success. "It's all about helping others and mentoring others". If you have a team, make sure to have constant communication with them. (each new consultant you bring in, make sure to SET a permanent time, you have with her/him weekly) With this tool, you have consistancy within your team and a relationship with them, beyond just being on your team- they find that they can build trust and confidence, knowing you are truely wanting them to Succeed- it's about THEM not you!


"Create the Confidence within your team members, coworkers and family members". It's all about building them up and being there for them. Letting them know, They can do anything- that they truely desire with confidence- both inside and outside appearance at their parties and in life! Letting them know YOU are Proud of them, praising them and of course constant M.E.I. Confidence is contagious, within in our team, each member and the hosts they host coach to Successful parties. Give them YOU individual times, througout the month- let them know, THEY are very important part of the teams success, they matter! The confidence will GROW within your team!!!

Have awonderful day, thank you for reading my blog post today. I do hope that this helps your business and your personal team GROW with Confidence AND Commitment!

I am going to point out that I got the idea for this post chatting to Brian at E polos. Thank you for the seed. I guess you stumble upon inspiration in unexpected ways.

Resources - Definitely worth exploring. - Carley, you came through in my situation one more time! - Good business resource. - Happy I found this business.

Posted in Business Other Post Date 09/30/2015