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I was taught crochet by the women in my family; my nan, mum and sister. I used to make gifts for friends and enjoyed this creative outlet so much it progressed to the opening of my small business, imynda.When I went Vegan so did imynda. Only vegan-friendly materials are used in my scarves, such as bamboo and cotton. They are wonderful to work with and wear. I especially like to use sustainable and recycled yarns. Selling on the Etsy marketplace is a good way to connect with potential customers and I'm happy to now provide a shop where Vegan customers know all the products are cruelty-free without needing to double check each item.

Can you tell us about the process you went through while openingyour starting your own business?

I was working in a full-time day job and spent weekends and evenings crafting, photographing, editing, listing and promoting. There was so much to learn and of course this continues. I have found the crafting community very welcoming and enjoyed linking up with virtual colleagues.

Little sidetrack here... I'm intending to redesign the website. Thinking about color scheme quite a bit and needed suggestions. What do you think about Yes, no? Leave a comment. Sorry! I am a scatterbrain, Let me get back on track here.

What was the greatest obstacle you encountered during this time?

Handmade work is often in competition with mass produced stock, so finding your place as a handmade crafter can be tough in our increasingly throwaway culture of cheap goods. Fortunately there seems to be a growing movement towards quality work made with care and greater awareness of where our products come from.

What joys have you found from running your own business?

Running imynda is fun. I get to indulge in one of my favourite things to do, crochet, and it's amazing to know something I have made is out there in the world being worn. A working environment is important to well-being, and I have no wish to be stuck in an office for any longer than necessary. Having a craft that doesn't require any large equipment is great because it means I can be mobile and still work, even taking my crochet outside when the sun is shining what could be better than that?Being able to make all the decisions and choose the direction I want to go in is important too. I also thought it could probably be quite lonely running a one-person business and was surprised to find that one of the best things about imynda is the lovely friends I have made along the way.

What plans have you got for the future of your business or anyother businesses?

I would like to see imynda grow into something I can continue to be proud of. There is freedom, if not security, in following creative dreams and I hope to be lucky enough to do something I love for a living. Watch this space for a growing range of vegan friendly crochet. At some point in the future, collaborations of some kind with other Vegan businesses appeal to me.

What advice can you give to other people (in any industry) who arelooking to start their own business?

Of course there are different ways to approach opening a business, but I would advocate just going for it. You could spend forever perfecting things but there is always more to learn, so open the doors and be prepared to adapt as you grow.

Vegan-friendly yarns such as cotton and bamboo await their use

How important is the philosophy of Veganism to your business? Andhow is it incorporated into your business?

One of the benefits of having complete control over your own business is that it can be a reflection of you and you don't have to compromise your integrity for a boss that has different ideas to you. Once I realised Veganism is the compassionate way to live, I didn't have to convince anyone else I changed my business to reflect that. I don't have to compartmentalise; my personal philosophy and imyndas are one and the same. For my shop, this means that no animals are exploited in order to produce crochet accessories.

Do you feel there is a growing shift towards Veganism and living aconscious and ethical life? If so, why?

Definitely. The connectedness of the internet age means we can communicate more easily than ever before. We are more likely to be able to find answers to our questions and to link with like-minded individuals, while using the power of community to create social change.

What is your favourite go to Vegan meal?

I love cooking and eating and was delighted to find that going Vegan seemed to expand the variety of food I eat rather than limit it which is what people often assume will happen. My favourite meal to cook and eat has to be a quick homemade curry made with coconut milk and lots of chilli, lime and fresh coriander. Delicious and nourishing.

Can you give us any imparting words of wisdom for ouraudience (an inspiration or success quote you live by)?

Be true to yourself. Even when that means opposing the majority. I'm sure that we have the potential to create a better and gentler world if we listen to ourselves.

I am going to say that I got the thought for this posting speaking with Clay over at Clays Lawn and Snow. Thank you for that. I suppose you stumble upon inspiration in unexpected ways.

Resources - Amongst my top picks. - Many thanks Laney. I am aware you are exceptionally busy. Many thanks for taking the time. - An amazing company.

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