A Challenge to Recognise Great Service

Finding the perfect customer service tailored to suit your unique needs can be very difficult and a lot of physical energy and time would definitely be put into the search and numerous visits to different shops and E-commerce websites would have to be conducted before the perfect customer service can be found. The question of what criteria to use in rating the different services you come across must be considered. There are different methods individuals can use to recognise great customer service providers and these are:

1. The Availability of Contact Information: A search for available means of contacting a business organization should be conducted and tested to know how fast and well the business firm responds to inquiries or complaints.

2. Quality of Customer Services: Testing the quality of customer services can be done by paying a visit to shops and seeking help in finding goods or receiving services. The manner in which you are received and attended to is a yardstick for rating the business customer service.

3. Availability of Goods and Services: Checking on the type of goods, services and what periods of the day they are available is also a yardstick for recognizing the quality of service rendered.

4. Incentives: The availability of added incentives such as gift cards, free shipping services and discounts on goods and services should also be taken into account.

Business organizations are not left out for they sometimes use business process outsourcing to accomplish some of their tasks. Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves the contracting of third party firms to help an organization accomplish a set of operations therefore business firms also face the challenge of finding a great third party provider to help them with the projects they plan to outsource.

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The different problems which small business face in recognizing quality business process outsourcing services are:

1. Determining Quality of Service: Most third party outsourcing companies make promises or set goals they cannot meet and this can derail business organizations that engage their services.

2. Speed and Versatility of the BPO Service: the speed at which a BPO firm completes a given project can affect the general time the overall system which the project is a part off can be completed. The requirements of an outsourced project can change due to external factors which brings the versatility of the BPO company into question and If the BPO company isn't equipped to make these changes contractual problems would arise.

Benefits of a Great Service Provider

Finding the perfect customer service provider for both individuals and businesses comes with a lot of benefits which would be outlined below.

1. For individuals, a great service provider makes shopping for goods, making payments and booking for services fun and easy to accomplish. Advantages such as discounts and the use of gift cards can also be taken.

2. The use of BPO's by business organizations increases the flexibility and capacity of an organization to simultaneously handle projects. This means that if all goes well projects done by business organizations would be accomplished speedily.

3. Use of third party customer service providers help companies meet their goals efficiently while avoiding standard bottlenecks such as passing tasks for approval through different bureaucratic levels.

4. An efficient service provider maximizes capital expenditure for both individuals and business organization. This it does for individuals by providing them with alternate payment methods and for business by eliminating the need to hire more staff and create new departments.

When a great customer service management is recognized, individuals and small business firms are encouraged to appreciate the excellent services they provide and this can be done by:

a) Taking pictures of the customer service agent or the completed service provided and posting it on social websites to show your appreciation and help open the agent to a wide range of people.

b) Taking time out to fill out questionnaires about the service rendered and giving favorable feed backs to the customer service provider is a great way of showing appreciation.

c) Uplift the customer service provider by spreading his or her services to your family and friends by word of mouth.

All this help the customer service provider know the agency is appreciated and motivates the agency to do more.

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